[Nulled Download] Complete WordPress Blogging Android iOS Apps Using Ionic 5 Angular Free


WordPress is actually a Blogging Environment which is sometimes used as a content management system that powers 36% of all websites on our planet. It is lite weight, fast loading and highly expandable using tons of free plugins and themes. Starting as a blogging website, it is now used for many different purposes, even as ecommerce and point of sale.

In a standard WordPress Blog Website, a user can read latest posts from different authors or bloggers, browse and read posts by categories or based on a specific tag, browse and read all posts from blog home, leave comment and reply to a post as well as logged in as a author to create his own posts, update his existing posts as well as view his personal profile and own posts.

Responsive websites are not that user friendly that an app can be. Have you even imagined if you can do all of the above directly from mobile devices like Android or iOS?

Yes, that’s possible, you are in the right place.
This WordPress Blog App has been designed and developed to do so that you usually on a WordPress website from your computer.

You can read the latest posts, browse and read all the posts from the blog home page, browse posts by categories or tags, leave comments and reply as well.

The most interesting part is, you can login as an author, view all your own posts, update existing posts as well as create new posts directly from mobile apps like Android or iOS.

This app is ready to integrate with any WordPress website right away,…

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