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Webcam QR Login System - 1


You can check a working demo by clicking here.

This system will let you create PHP logins where instead of having a user & password field, you can login by scanning a QR Code with the webcam.

The script supports multiple user access levels based on the QR code and it’s really easy to expand it or modify it to suit your needs.

Imagine this as a product verification method , a login where you e-mail the generated QR Code to the user or as a validation system. It has endless possibilies if you ask me xD.


  • The script applies to PSR Standards.
  • PHP Error Debugging added.
  • Lightweight script. Only 5 .php and 2 .js files.
  • CSRF & XSS Protection implemented. Key & token based sessions for security reasons.

Please take in mind that you will need a https link to run it on Chrome due to the new chrome rules.

Works right off the box !


If this gets interest and attention from the community I will continue improving the system even further. Currently on my plan list:

  • Generate QR Codes and save them to the system.
  • Recognize multiple QR code types.
  • E-mail users their new and fresh QR code.
  • Admin Backend and code management.


You can check a working demo by clicking here.

I’m offering lifetime support and free updates for all of my products. If you are having any questions or issues with this script please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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